Joint Ventures and Partnerships


LaSource Social Enterprise is building partnerships with suitable organisations and individuals to develop Sustainable Practices socially, ecologically and in the built environment. A Single document covering all these opportunities is underdevelopment. In the mean time please refer to our summaries below.

Joint Ventures

LaSource Social Enterprise is preparing to build Joint Ventures with businesses and educational institutions to further Sustainable practices. LaSource Social Enterprise has much to bring to the table to support and develop great projects. Such ventures may include providing resources, land access and events to support a joint venture. Appropriate agreements will be entered into according to partners needs, providing appropriate risk management and assurances with due respect for intellectual property. Some example ventures will be presented in the near future. Along with Student Partnerships, La Source will be an active participant in seeking relevant grants and development support. For more details visit our Joint Ventures Page (under development).

Partner retreats

Selected partners and joint venture organisations can benefit from the opportunity to arrange part day, full day or weekend retreats to their client base and the public at LaSource Country. La Source country is our property in the NSW Southern tablelands which is becoming a venue for projects, ventures and educational events. Retreats allow special events to deliver your service to clients or develop your team, share your progress with stakeholders and promote your activities further. Where relevant La Source Social Enterprise may arrange other events that will bring additional people to learn about partner activities. For more details visit our Partner Retreats Page (under development).

Student Partnerships

LaSource social enterprise is building opportunities and resources for tertiary students to undertake real world projects. La Source Social Enterprise will provide a range of services to support students starting with providing ideas and opportunities for projects through to providing resources, accommodation and support to students. With special attention given to provide achievable targets, LaSource Social Enterprise will develop a range of linked sub-projects that allows a student to complete one part of a larger project, for more information on Student partnerships and this innovative opportunity. Along with Joint Ventures La Source Social Enterprise will be an active participant in seeking relevant grants and development support.Visit our Student Partnerships Page (under development).

Participant opportunities

In addition to the above formal partnerships La Source Social enterprise will actively seek support from individuals and organisations wishing to support the development of sustainable practices. Participants will find compelling experiences, education, real world practice and build new networks. More often than not volunteering has its own rewards, but not content with this, La Source Social Enterprise aims to deliver real value to participants.

La Source Social Enterprises motivation

Why is La Source Social enterprise doing this ?, what do we have to gain and what is our business model?

There are many benefits we see arising from our shared endeavors but it is important for people understand what our motivation is and what benefits we stand to gain from these partnerships. This is important to us, as we all to often see organisations and individuals concealing there real motivation and not making it plane what their own interest is.

We, the owners are basically building long term opportunities to  develop sustainable practices, education facilities and retreats at La Source and building a network of people and organisations in the process. Ultimately building an income from small scale events and special retreats we aim to demonstrate what can be achieved through mutual development and will in the long term provide tours, volen-tourism, science tours and eco tourism. The project activities will be documented and presented to visitors with specific or general interest in sustainability and other activities on site. All this will be done with due regard for the intellectual property of partners. La Source Social enterprise will also provide a venue for other parties to hold retreats at a fee for service. La Source Social Enterprise is formally supported by a separate business (Design Services and Sustainable Gifts) which we expect will receive credit for its support and perhaps a few more  customers.

With these compelling and innovative revenue sources La Source Social Enterprise looks forward to building the resources to accelerate the development of Sustainable practices

La Source Social Enterprise will also benefit from being able to support, mentor and consult to other organisations interested in following our lead.

Through this we hope to develop the regional economy through a range of co-operative arrangements in the area and with a focus on bringing people from Canberra, Sydney and further afield. We also hope to be a showcase for the new way of “doing business”, through social enterprise and voluntary co-operation which some people call “Enlightened self interest”.

Are you interested, want more information, would like to participate or would like to be informed of our progress then please sign up to our general or to a specific email list.


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