Aug 142012

We are currently in the Planning Stages of a “Values and Frames Retreat” at LaSource Country at the end of September 2012.

Primarily by Invitation we will be meeting for a team building experience, some rest and recreation and timeout from our normal, sometimes intense endeavors.

We need to develop the schedule however it may include developing this Framework further, looking more deeply into specific applications and alternative communications models.

Of course sometime appreciating the natural environment is recommended when at LaSource Country.

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May 272012

This website is now titled LaSource Social Enterprise to help all of us who have trouble separating our websites. LaSource Social Enterprise – Joint ventures and Partnerships with LaSource La Source Country – The wonderful place in the NSW Southern Highlands The Home of the LaSource Green Collection and LaSource design Services – Now also on facebook

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Mar 052012

Yesterday came out of the Domain registration closet to gain its own internet presence.

Perhaps you were looking for the Home of the “Green Collection” of Gifts then please visit

This website is the master site for Social Enterprise and not for profit services of it represents the activities that will be related to or occur at LaSource a wonderful property in the NSW Southern Tablelands in Australia. these activities include;

  • Environmental and Bush Regeneration activities
  • Development of sustainable practices Urban, Rural and environmental
  • Developing and demonstrating sustainable building practices
  • co-operative research center to support our goals and capabilities of society
  • Permaculture food forest
  • Unique services to PHD students and research programs

More information will be on this site shortly along with subscription services.

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